Cartoonist, Illustrator & Writer.
Vampire enthusiast.
Daniel is a CCAD alumni with a BFA in Comics & Narrative Practice and a minor in illustration. He's interested in digital printing, illustrating, & inking, penciling & writing comics. He was born in Puerto Rico, where he drew & read vampire novels until he went off to college. His multicultural upbringing and love of the gothic & undead reflects in his work.For business inquiries and general musings you may reach him at: [email protected]



Terms of service:

Payments are only accepted via Ko-fi and venmo.additional samples are up on ko-fi.

  • I am allowed to refuse a commission for any reason I see fit, including subject matter I am uncomfortable or disagree with, pieces that might be too much at the moment to take on, etc. I will, of course, refund the payment.

  • Please let me know where I may reach out to discuss the commission (be it Twt or IG).

  • Commercial use of my work is PROHIBITED. I do NOT allow my work to be put on the blockchain in any way.

  • You may use my work as an icon, toyhouse or just post it! Just credit me in your bio or the caption.

  • Work must be fully paid upfront. Multiple WIPs will be provided as I work so that any required changes can be made to the piece.

  • *For sketch comms, changes can be made after the piece is sent to the buyer.

  • Please specify what color you'd like me to use if you choose the minimal color add on.

  • I will not post commissioned pieces on social media, but may use watermarked versions of said commissions in my portfolio as examples of my work.

Some prices are subject to change due to the complexity of the piece. Please approach with character refs, poses, a mood board, etc. so we may discuss pricing.
I will NOT draw any of the following:
-complex armor
-gore (blood is fine)
-NSFW artwork (so as to not require ID)
-detailed backgrounds (as my rates would increase)
-hateful or bigoted content / media
-fetish content
-pedophilia / adult/minor relationships
I will gladly draw:
-self insert
-objects (i.e. a character with a sword)
-suggestive artwork such as pin-ups
** Feel free to DM me and ask if you have any questions about what I will / won't draw if I did not list what you’re looking to commission.

Zine comic summer 2023

Zine comic summer 2023

Zine comic summer 2023

SP2023 comic, assignment

SP2023 comic, assignment